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Dean Winchester by francoclun

Vision & Originality ----------------------- First of all, the pose selected is excellent. There is some motion to the way his head is positioned, as if it is turning towards you. Wonderful choice. The lighting of this portrait is interesting. Between the highlights on the left side of the face and the shadow on the right cheekbone, there's some good contrast created on the face. The background looks good, and the darkening on the top corners creates a nice atmosphere yet isn't exaggerated. However, I would have liked to see a little more movement in the background. It works on the right (behind the back of his head), but I think that it should be a little darker as it moves towards the bottom-left corner. More shadowing on the left would give this rather bland background a lot of depth. Technique ------------ Your execution is largely perfect. There are just a few things I'd like to call to your attention: -His eyes look a little plasticy. It could have to do with the way the highlights are blended; I'm not sure. -On the bottom of his leather jacket, where it is bordering the background, there is a white, glowing outline. -...

Unwind - work in progress by Carnegriff

This piece is, to me, unique. How the artist produced a piece that is both representational and abstract is beyond me, but he or she is...

Thorin Oakenshield by francoclun

VISION/ORIGINALITY This piece was intended as an homage to the character Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit, and the references create ...

Daria meadow by francoclun

VISION/ORIGINALITY The reference chosen for this piece contains everything one would desire in a portrait - good lighting, interesting ...


Long Road Home by Lmomjian
Long Road Home
This is a commission I did for a friend of mine, a doctor who wanted a piece for his new office.  I am excited to have my work displayed in a visible setting, seen by a lot of people.  Between the sky, the hills, and the road, I think this piece has a soft and natural feel.    I aimed for a realistic look, while stopping short of true photorealism.  I achieved this by using dull, soft pencils.  The paper itself is pretty smooth, but with the dull pencils a rough texture resulted.  Because of its greater expressiveness and slightly reduced detail, this piece was finished very quickly.

16 hours


-Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolor paper
-Tombow Mono drawing pencil set
-Papermate Tuff Stuff eraser stick
-Tombow Mono Zero eraser stick
-chamois (for light erasing)

Thanks for looking, I hope you liked this.
Stonehenge by Lmomjian
Since I started drawing 4 years ago, my goal had been to draw things as realistically as possible.  To eliminate paper texture, shading, and any hint of a handmade process.  This drawing is a departure from that philosophy.  While maintaining a high level of realism (for some, photorealism), I tried to display this piece as not just a copy of a photo, but a drawing.  Instead of blending the graphite into the paper, something I have always done, this drawing was completed almost entirely with pencil strokes (very little erasing).  Tiny 0.3mm mechanical pencils were replaced with dulled pencils.  Why?  Because a technical work is not necessarily a work of art.  Art involves style and personality; a copy of a photo, while impressive, fails to completely satisfy this (in my opinion).  While my past few years in photorealism have been fun, I believe that my style is starting to evolve into something more loose and free.

The drawing itself is based off this reference photo:…

The original picture has a blank, gradiented sky, something which I found very bland.  I decided to instead use the sky from a picture I took in Canada this summer.  The sky is an essential component of a landscape like this one, and I think the contrasted, almost troubling sky gives the piece much more depth.…

10 x 18"

45 hours

-Fabriano Artistico hot-press watercolor paper
-Tombow Mono pencil set
-Papermate Tuff Stuff eraser stick
-Chamois (for light touch-ups)

Thanks for viewing.
Kallista by Lmomjian
Colored pencil on cotton watercolor paper
Interesting story behind this one.  It was 1:30am, and I had spent all night looking for a picture to draw. I'm sitting at the computer listening to a song on Youtube, when suddenly I get the idea to draw the wallpaper from the video.  Here is that song:… The song itself has inspired me artistically, and I wanted to put this inspiration down on paper. The version of that image I used included clouds.

The reference really moved me with its vivid colors, ocean view, and road. I am a sucker for roads - don't know why exactly, but they give me a sense of movement and direction. It was a challenge to do, as this is my first drawing with any substantial palate of color.

Colored pencils were a little trickier to get smooth gradients with than my usual medium of graphite, and getting the colors just right required hours of testing and experimentation on sample paper beforehand.

As I finished this drawing, a cool breeze was blowing through my studio and I almost felt like I was at the ocean :-)

53 hours

10 x 18"

-Oil and wax colored pencils, Faber-Castell and Prismacolor (white, 20/50/70% cool gray, steel gray, light cobalt turquoise, cobalt green, bluish turquoise, prussian blue, dark indigo, black)
-Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper, hot press extra white
-Yellow acrylic paint
-Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick
-Staedtler Mars Eraser
-Sakura Electric Eraser

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed it!
Kallista (WIP 1) by Lmomjian
Kallista (WIP 1)
What I'm up to right now. My second full-scale colored pencil drawing, and boy is it hard. 21 hours clocked, with countless more spent testing colors.


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Luke Momjian
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Hi there. I have been an artist since 2010.

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